Kawai GM-10K Baby Grand Piano

    With its resonant tone and classic good looks, the GM-10K is an impressive addition  to your home or studio. The action design and components are comparable to those in our GE and RX Series pianos to provide outstanding touch and playability.

    Main Features

    • Kawai "Ultra-Responsive" Action
    • Exclusive ABS Styran Action Parts
    • Exclusive Carbon Jack
    • Premium Spruce Soundboard
    • Full Sostenuto Pedal
    • Underfelted Hammers
    • Adjustable, Sliding Music Rack
    • Additional Finishes; Mahogany • French Provincial Mahogany • Snow White



    Steel Reinforced Keyslip     
    The GM Series keyslips are reinforced with a heavy-gauge steel inside liner that prevents warping or bending in any direction. Keys move freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing or sticking against the inside of the keyslip.



    Reinforced Keybed     
    The GM Series keybeds are made of extremely strong, laminated hardwoods. Kawai  also reinforces each keybed with an underside steel support beam for maximum stability.

    Fully Laminated Beams
    The beams are made of select hardwood laminates, glued together under pressure, making them virtually isotropic (equally strong in all directions) and impervious to weather changes and warpage. Our LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) construction method creates beams that are many times stronger than ones made of solid wood.



    Multi-Laminated Pinblock
    GM Series pinblocks are laminated with a minimum of 11 cross-banded layers of hard rock maple. Lamination provides more strength, greater pressure and more balanced torque on the tuning pins for superior tuning stability.
    Environmental Responsibility
    In 1997, Kawai’s Ryuyo Grand Piano facility became the first manufacturing plant in the piano industry to receive ISO 14001, the world’s foremost certification for excellence in environmental management. In 1998, Kawai was privileged to receive a second ISO 14001 certification recognizing exceptional achievement in re-forestation, energy conservation, waste reduction and natural resource preservation at our highly respected Maisaka Upright Piano Factory. In 1999, Kawai made history for a third time when ISO 14001 certification was awarded to our Märchen Digital Piano Facility. This unceasing pursuit of environmental excellence is our way of showing that we care about our world... and you.



    Ten Year Full Warranty
    To ensure your peace of mind and protect the value of your instrument, every Kawai grand piano is covered by our Ten Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai craftsmanship... and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.


    Action > Ultra Responsive with ABS Action Parts
    Length > 5'0" (150 cm)
    Width > 59" (150 cm)
    Height > 40" (102 cm)
    Weight > 595 lbs. (270 kg)
    Key Surfaces > Acryl/Phenol
    Hammer Moulding > Maple
    Lid Prop > 2
    Center Pedal > Sostenuto
    Music Rack > Sliding Music Rack
    Finishes > Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Snow White Polish, Mahogany Polish, French Provincial Mahogany Polish

    Designed in the "continental " style — without legs or toeblock — the K-15 offers all the essential elements of Kawai quality to provide simple elegance and sturdy performance.Main Features Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action Exclusive ABS Styr...
    The 45” K-2 introduces the impressive qualities that have made the Kawai K Series of professional uprights so highly-respected around the world.  Elegant lines and delicate case accents enhance its outward beauty; while its excellent tone and exclusive Millennium III Upright Action combine to provide a level of professional performanc...
    K-5 Professional Upright

    The 49” K-5 has long been a preferred instrument among teachers for its warm, rich tone and responsiveness.  Exclusive NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces absorb the hand’s moisture to provide a sure, steady touch—while our exclusive Millennium III Upright Action offers unparalleled control and greater speed than pianos with traditional wooden actions.  Try the K-5 and see why it has become a favorite among educators worldwide.

    Main Features

    • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
    • Inverse Tone Release System
    • NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
    • Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System
    • Brass Front Casters (Double)
    • Height Adjustable Bench

    Elegant Cabinet Designs     
    All K Series models offer elegant lines and delicate case accents to enhance their outward beauty. Great care was taken to ensure a stylish, well-balanced design for each model.

    All K Series models feature front casters made of brass for both beauty and reliability.

    A Grand Design
    The K-8 offers many of the cabinet elements usually associated with grand pianos. Its fallboard style, arm panels, side panels and expansive Hard Finish music rack will evoke the qualities of a modern grand design.

    K-8 Tone Port     
    The K-8 offers two large tone release ports behind the music rack that allow for maximum sound projection across the full spectrum of tone. Another long, thinner port just above the lower panel provides additional ambient tone release.

    Inverse Tone Release System     
    The Inverse Tone Release System utilizes an innovative new method for releasing tone. The front panel accent bars are designed with hidden tone release ports positioned in "inverse" order.

    On the bass side of the piano, more tone is released on the lower end of the bar. On the treble side, more tone is released on the upper end of the bar. Like the K-8, a long port above the lower panel provides additional ambient tone release and balanced projection
    Soundboard Design
    K Series soundboards are made of solid quarter-sawn, carefully chosen and scientifically tested to exceed Kawai's demanding resonance standards for superior tone. For the K-3 and K-2, the

    soundboard area, string lengths and number of ribs are maximized to exceed the specifications of other pianos and provide greater power and resonance.

    Mahogany Hammer Moudlings     
    Mahogany is a superior choice for hammer mouldings because of its high ratio of strength to weight. Mahogany hammers are light weight and extremely responsive.

    Duplex Scale     
    The duplex scale enhances harmonics in the treble range adding brilliance and richness to the piano's tone.

    Agraffes ensure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity of tone and consistent "speaking length" for each note.

    "Soft Fall" Fallboard
    Our ultra-slow, "Soft Fall" fallboard closing system with dual-damping mechanism protects hands and the piano's finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

    Neotex Key Surfaces     
    K Series weighted and balanced keys feature Kawai's exclusive NEOTEX key surfaces formulated with cellulose fiber. NEOTEX offers the smooth, understated texture of natural ivory and ebony – and a semi-porous silica-filled surface to absorb the hand's natural oils and perspiration. It resists cracking and fading over years of use – and is static-resistant to prevent the build-up of unwanted dust. The result is a beautiful, long lasting key surface with exceptional playability.
    Music Rack
    All K Series models feature a wide music rack that can accommodate multiple music scores. Simulated leather material on the music rack surface prevents music from slipping.

    Ten Year Full Warranty
    To ensure your peace of mind and protect the value of your investment, every Kawai upright piano is covered by our Ten Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai craftsmanship... and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.

    Action > Millennium III with ABS-Carbon
    Height > 49" (124.5 cm)
    Width > 60" (151 cm)
    Depth > 24" (59 cm)
    Weight > 492 lbs. (223 kg)
    Key Surfaces > NEOTEX™
    Soundboard > Solid Spruce
    Area > 2224 sq. in.
    #1 String Length > 47.0"
    Hammers > All Underfelted
    Tuning Pins > Nickel
    Fallboard > Soft Fall
    Finishes > Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Sapeli Mahogany Polish

    The 52” K-6 excels with superb tone and touch that is sure to meet the demanding requirements of the professional pianist.  The exclusive Millennium III Upright Action provides exceptional control, power and speed to handle the rigors of advanced repertoire.  With high-end features such as a duplex scale, agraffes and underfelted...
    The 52” K-8 is the epitome of upright piano craftsmanship.  With outstanding tone that one might expect from a grand piano and superb touch provided by the exclusive Millennium III Upright Action, it provides all the musical qualities required for the finest professional studio.  Its large “grand-style” music rack, fu...
    Kawai UM-21

    Main Features

    • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
    • Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System
    • Brass Front Casters (Double)
    • Height Adjustable Bench



    Action: Millenium III

    Key white: acrylic, black: phenol, non-lead key weight adjust

    Fallboard: "Soft Fall" Fallboard

    Hardfinish: no

    Tone spreader: no

    Back post: 4

    Sound rib: 10

    Agraffe no

    Duplex scale: no

    Caster type: single

    Lock: yes

    Size in cm (HxWxD): 121 x 151 x 59

    Weight in kg: 200

    The 45” K-2 introduces the impressive qualities that have made the Kawai K Series of professional uprights so highly-respected around the world.  Elegant lines and delicate case accents enhance its outward beauty; while its excellent tone and exclusive Millennium III Upright Action combine to provide a lev...
    The Concert Grand experience in the comfort of your home Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing original ideas. These decades of experience afford our engineers a wealth of knowledge from which to create stunning digital instrument...
    GX-7 Grand Piano

    At the lofty pinnacle of the GX Series, the regal GX-7 speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definitive choice of the consummate professional.


    The new standard of grand piano design is beyond imagination. Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship. Applying knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation. Defining the ‘made in Japan’ philosophy of piano building. Lightness of touch usually experienced by only the very finest concert pianists. Rich, vivid, expressive tone that inspires one’s creative passion. A new era of grand piano performance has arrived.


    Joyous touch to awaken one’s imagination

    The new GX Series grand pianos aim to reproduce the delicate control of a full concert grand piano, delivering a level of refinement that few pianists have the opportunity to experience.

    In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the length of the keyboard has been extended significantly, increasing the fulcrum distance for each key. This extended key pivot length results in a more consistent touch weight when playing towards the back of the keyboard, affording the pianist greater expressive control, and allowing one’s imagination to soar freely.


    In addition, the GX Series’ advanced Millennium III keyboard action incorporates the latest materials; combining ABS resin with carbon fibre to further improve one’s playing experience. This ABS-Carbon compound is both highly rigid and extremely lightweight – characteristics that have seen the same material successfully employed throughout the aeronautics industry as a superior alternative to wood. By utilising action parts fashioned from ABS-Carbon, the GX Series’ keyboard action is more durable and less prone to performance degradation over time, while also delivering improved responsiveness and control. This evolution in keyboard touch can be experienced by the pianist with every key stroke, from the first to the very last note played.


    Purity of tone that fills the room

    In order to produce Kawai’s special tone, a broad range of woods are meticulously analysed for quality and character, before being selected as the finest materials for each specific purpose. The soundboard has arguably the most significant influence over a piano’s individual tonal elements. Therefore, woods that conform to the most rigorous gravity and propagation velocity standards are carefully selected by experienced craftsmen in order to achieve rich, deep bass tones, and bright, colourful, sustaining treble tones. In addition to the soundboard, bridges, and ribs, optimum materials for the inner-rim are also carefully considered, combining the unique properties of different hardwoods to create a layered hybrid construction. This produces a broad range of sound, allowing even greater expressive power.


    In order to produce a richer, more immersive sound, the overall rigidity of the GX instruments’ body has also been improved. The thickness of the upper beam that attaches to the outer-rim is increased, allowing the pin blocks to support a tensile strength load of approximately 20 tons. As the tone of each note is improved, the sense of three-dimensional sound is also enhanced. Moreover, increasing the rigidity of the piano’s carbon steel tuning pins further strengthens the instruments’ tuning stability, to meet the rigorous demands of the finest pianists.


    Quiet yet strong, loud yet delicate – unparalleled tonal expression

    In order to realise the pianist’s infinite range of expression, the GX Series utilises premium grand piano hammers. These hammers are constructed from wood that possesses excellent acoustic properties, with hammer felt prepared from the finest quality long-haired New Zealand and Australian wool. These felted hammers have a soft, delicate exterior, yet are tight and rigid on the inside. When playing pianissimo passages, the strings are struck by the delicate exterior felt of the hammer to produce a soft and gentle tone, while fortissimo passages utilise the tighter, harder interior felt, thus producing a louder, more powerful sound. Moreover, all hammers are under-felted in order to further improve their resilience. These steps allow experienced piano technicians to perform the most subtle of voicing adjustments in order to maximise the instrument’s exquisite sonic potential. Delivering a broad range of tonal colour from pianissimo to fortissimo, and a rich variety of musical expression.


    The instrument’s duplex scale system further enhances the harmonics of middle and upper-range tones, adding depth and breadth to the overall sound. And to ensure the ultimate touch at the keyboard surface – that magical point where the pianist and the piano become one – all GX instruments adopt premium Neotex coating for white and black keys. This unique material possesses moisture absorbent characteristics to enhance touch control and prevent mistakes, and inspires a sense of reassuring satisfaction within the pianist.


    A lifetime of happiness, wrapped within a grand piano

    Preserving the treasured design of a grand piano, while pursuing new details of elegance – this is the design concept of the GX Series. The instrument’s exterior design, with its gentle curves and broad music rest, establishing the traditional characteristics and captivating form of a grand piano. Expanding the instrument’s upper-beam thickness not only reinforces the piano’s overall structural rigidity, but also serves to further distinguish this exterior design, with Kawai’s highly prized painting and finishing process affording the piano body its distinctive, luxurious ebony polish appearance. However, the beauty of the GX Series truly shines upon opening the instrument’s top-board. The mesmerising brilliance of the glowing golden frame, the delicate woodwork and abundant expression of quality displayed along the inner rim, the luxurious elegance of rich black felt, and the reassuring display of hand-made craftsmanship – verified by the Kawai frame mark. These are the characteristics that embody the spirit of ‘THE GRAND’.


    Finally, the GX Series instruments feature useful mechanisms such as multi-angle piano lid props, and Kawai’s original ‘Soft Fall’ system, which closes the fallboard gently and slowly, protecting the player’s hands from jarring lid accidents.


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    Telp. (021) 723 6912, 723 6913

    Fax. (021) 723 6914

    Email: cs@modernkawai.co.id


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